Bocce Ball at River Oaks Golf Course

Do you want to enjoy an activity that is fun, sociable, and accessible to everyone?

River Oaks Golf Course has two newly built bocce courts that are ready for you! Bocce ball is a great game for the family, friends, and coworkers. The bocce courts are located next to our outside patio bar that overlooks the scenic 18th hole and Mississippi River.

We introduced bocce ball to our Golf Course to allow more people to experience and enjoy our friendly atmosphere in a competitive environment… even if they don’t know how to golf. At River Oaks, there are many opportunities to play on the bocce courts, including booking private bocce ball events, booking a private bocce ball league, and participating in one of our bocce ball leagues that we host.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about bocce ball at River Oaks and how you can book your own event, league, or join in on a future league that we host!

Book a Private Bocce Ball Event

Bocce ball is becoming more popular in the Twin Cities Metro, and it’s a great way to socialize with friends and your family. River Oaks included bocce courts to give more people the opportunity to spend time with their friends and family– and a great way to do this is to book a private event with us.

River Oaks allows you to book private events for use of the bocce ball course and adjoining facilities. Private bocce ball events include the bocce ball courts, the outside bar and patio, several bean bag toss games setup, and tents for shade.

Booking a private bocce ball event at River Oaks is a great way to celebrate birthday parties, retirement parties, family reunions, team building opportunities, wedding parties, and so much more! It’s a great location that can host a group size up to 32 people in a tournament format.

Are you interested in booking your private bocce ball event? Check out our bocce event page now!

Play in River Oaks’ Bocce Ball League

Bocce ball leagues are a great way to participate in a competitive game that everyone can do, meet new people, and enjoy an evening out at River Oaks. At River Oaks, we host bocce ball leagues from Spring to Fall, and have leagues for different evenings and offer leagues for different age groups to get everyone involved.

River Oaks hosts bocce ball leagues on different days of the week depending on the season. Games are played at 5:30pm, The League play consists of pool matchups with the top two teams in each pool playing for the championship. Each season goes for 7 weeks, from spring to fall.

The way River Oaks formats the league games is teams will play the same team for three consecutive games to complete a match. Each game will have a 30 minute time limit, and the team that scores exactly 12 points first wins the game.

All teams in the league must have a minimum of two players with a maximum of 4 players. Players on the same team alternate turns and will have a maximum of 4 players each night. A maximum of 8 teams per league night is able to register, so make sure to register quickly once you get your team together!

Click on our River Oaks bocce ball league page to learn more and to get a spot in a league now!

Book a Private Bocce Ball League

At River Oaks, we believe in celebrating our community, friends, and having a great time while enjoying some friendly competition. If you are looking for a way to involve your friends and community by starting your own private bocce ball league, look no further!

At River Oaks, you can host a league at our courts and amenities! We have two bocce ball courts that are located by the 18th hole, overlooking the Mississippi River Valley, and they are ready to go for any private bocce ball league. We also have an outdoor patio bar that is available for use for your league, adjacent to the courts.

We are able to provide you with recommendations for running your league, although you can make the league what you want. At River Oaks, we will ensure that everything goes off smoothly for you during your season and help make it a night a week that people look forward to.

If you are interested in starting your own private bocce ball league with River Oaks, contact us on our bocce events page to get more details to learn how we can help!