Why Host your Golf Event at River Oaks Golf Course?

If you’re thinking about considering River Oaks Golf Course as the place to host your golf event, you’re in the right place. Thank you for thinking about us when making this decision! We are always excited to work with golf event planners to make their vision come to life. When looking into our course, there is likely a question that is popping into your mind.

Why should you host your golf event at River Oaks Golf Course? River Oaks Golf course is a great place to host a golf tournament for many reasons. Here are a few reasons why you should give us the pleasure of hosting your event!

River Oaks Golf Course is suited for all skill levels

One of the greatest things about River Oaks Golf Course is the course is suited for all skill levels. When planning your tournament, if you’re looking to find a course that allows you to have more community involvement for everyone, this is the place for you.

River Oaks Golf Course is an 18-Hole scenic golf course with a par of 71. We have 57 sand bunkers and three ponds throughout the course. The course gives challenges for experienced golfers and some fun obstacles for those who are newer to the sport, making it a perfect location for anyone to enjoy.

All golfers are invited to our course, which makes it the perfect venue for any tournament to be held. If you are interested in learning more about how to host your tournament at River Oaks Golf Course, click on the link here to be taken to our tournaments page.

River Oaks Golf Course has beautiful greens and is wonderfully maintained

At River Oaks, we keep our golf course in peak maintenance. We have an excellent grounds crew who work hard to ensure everyone gets to golf on a course in impeccable conditions.

It’s a lot of fun to golf on a course that looks as good as the course at River Oaks. The greens are well kept and in great condition, fairways are kept clear and free of debris, and the bunkers are very well maintained. We make sure that our course is fully prepped for tournaments and in its best condition for you to enjoy.

For your tournament, you can be sure that at River Oaks Golf Course the course will be immaculate and ready to go! With wonderful greens and beautiful views of the Mississippi River Valley, it’s the perfect venue. You get a one of a kind view, a great course, and tons of fun!

Our staff make the experience one of a kind at River Oaks

At River Oaks Golf Course, we ensure that everyone who steps on the course has a spectacular time. Everyone who golfs with us is deserving of exemplary treatment and the best experience possible. Our staff are kind, attentive, and extremely helpful. They work to make sure your tournament goes smoothly and value you and your time spent with us.

When hosting a tournament at River Oaks Golf Course, it’s good to know that our staff is experienced and prepared to help bring your vision to fruition. We have many opportunities and amenities that you can use for your tournament, allowing you to have the best event possible. A great benefit about our course is our state of the art driving range. We have a TopTracer driving range that guests can utilize before their round of golf, giving them current information about each hit, making everyone feel prepared before they step out on the course. To learn more about TopTracer, check out our website!

We are also home to a beautiful event center at River Oaks. It is a great place to host dinners, benefits, award ceremonies, and other events after the rounds have been golfed. We also have a restaurant on site, Eagles Bar and Grill, which is a great place for people to kick back and relax both before and after the tournament.

Reach out to us to plan your golf event!

Why should you host your golf event at River Oaks Golf Course?

To sum it all up, our course is suited for all skill levels, it has wonderful greens and is beautifully maintained, and we have kind, attentive staff that look forward to giving you the best experience possible.

At River Oaks, we work to make sure that every event hosted is better than the last. We are dedicated to making your event the best it can be, and we will work with you to make it a seamless process.

We are excited to work with you on your golf event! Follow the link here to be taken to our Tournaments page on our website to start the process now. We look forward to talking to you soon!