Seven Reasons to Golf at River Oaks Golf Course this Fall

If you’re looking for reasons to keep golfing after the popular Summer season, you’re in just the right place. River Oaks Golf Course doesn’t stop when the leaves start to change and Football Sundays start up again– in fact, things start to get even more fun for everyone.

River Oaks Golf Course has beautiful scenery that keeps improving as the season goes on… and not to mention, golfing in the fall is a great way to keep playing the sport without dealing with the sweltering summer heat.

As for the reasons you might need to put on an extra layer to get out to our golf course– here are seven reasons why you should golf at River Oaks Golf Course this fall:

1. You can get outdoors and enjoy the fall weather.

One reason why you should golf at River Oaks Golf Course this fall is because the weather is perfect for a round of golf. During the summer in peak golf season the temperatures are high and it makes for a very hot few hours on the course. During the fall, the air is crisp and the temperatures are cooler, so you won’t be sweating bullets.

With an additional layer or two, you’ll be able to enjoy a very nice round of golf at River Oaks this fall. Get outdoors and escape the long work weeks with some time outside and on the course! We look forward to seeing you out and enjoying the weather with us this fall! Go ahead and use this link to find an open tee time to enjoy this fall weather at River Oaks!

2. The Mississippi River Valley views are gorgeous in the fall.

Another reason why you should golf at River Oaks Golf Course this fall is because of the gorgeous scenery. Golf is a quiet, reflecting game, which will only be elevated with the beauty of the changing leaves around you.

Because River Oaks Golf Course is in the Mississippi River Valley, the views throughout the course are stunning. During the summer, there’s greenery all around, with the river below. Once the temperature drops, the leaves start to change, and the air starts to still, it becomes a completely different atmosphere that is worth experiencing!

Click on this link to be taken to our available tee times so you can check out the gorgeous views for yourself!

3. After golfing all summer, you’ll be on top of your game.

After golfing all summer, you’ll be at the top of your golf game– so why stop once summer ends? River Oaks Golf Course has tee times for you to choose from from sun-up to sun-down. Use the time you have this fall to continue to develop your golf game out on the course!

Get a group of friends or bring the family to River Oaks for a round of golf this fall and keep building your game throughout the season! Golfing in the fall is always a great way to enjoy some time outdoors before the winter, so get out to River Oaks and keep working on your golf game and have fun while doing it!

Click on this page to be taken to our tee times to play a round of golf while you’re at the top of your game!

4. The golf course is typically less crowded, so you can find prime tee times.

During the fall, it’s not a secret that the golf courses start to become less crowded, especially as we start to get closer and closer to winter. At River Oaks, we want to make sure no matter how many people golf with us, that everyone has the best experience possible. However, during the fall, tee times are usually easier to find for our golfers due to the changing of the seasons.

More available tee times are a great reason for people to golf at River Oaks this fall! You will likely be able to find tee times that work for you and your schedule as the demand starts to decrease, so keep an eye out for a tee time that works for you. Go ahead and click on this page to be taken to our available tee times now!

5. Playing golf helps maintain your health and fitness

A great reason to play a few rounds of golf this fall at River Oaks Golf Course is because of how well golf can help you maintain your health and fitness. Golf is an amazing way to stay active and keep your fitness. Walking the course, pushing your bag, and swinging the club all help burn calories while increasing your heart rate.

In fact, a typical round of golf can cover a distance of four to six miles, giving you a low-impact cardiovascular workout. A few rounds of golf a week is a consistent amount of exercise which gives you a great way to be healthy, fit, and keeps you feeling good.

There are also mental benefits to playing golf, as it can be seen as a destresser after a long workweek, giving you time to mentally decompress. The combination of physical activity, fresh air, and the beauty of nature has been shown to reduce anxiety, improve mood, and enhance mental clarity. Additionally, golf is a social sport that allows for camaraderie and friendly competition, fostering positive social connections that contribute to overall mental well-being.

Are you looking for another way to stay in shape and destress this fall season? Click here for our available tee times!

6. The golf course at River Oaks is pristine no matter what the season

River Oaks Golf Course is always in top shape no matter what season it is… which of course, is another reason why you should enjoy a round of golf with us this fall. Our grounds crew is always providing us with the best, making sure that the greens are well kept, including any debris or the massive amounts of falling leaves Minnesota sees during our fall season.

No matter what time of year it is, River Oaks is always striving to exceed expectations. Our grounds crew values a well kept golf course so all golfers can enjoy a fun, fast paced, and enjoyable round of golf.

Are you excited to golf a course that’s well kept and immaculate this fall? Book your tee time with River Oaks here!

7. It’s a great time for a golf lesson at River Oaks

Another reason to come out to River Oaks to golf this fall season is to continue to build your game. Golf lessons allow you to grow your golf game during a season when things start to slow down. River Oaks’s resident golf pro, Barret Boe, PGA, structures lessons to help develop your skills at your level, suiting your personal needs.

He works on building your mechanics, technique, and fundamentals to help you grow for the rest of the fall season and for the next seasons to come. Regardless of age, skill level, or experience, it’s been shown that lessons will help you improve your game and set you up for success.

Taking lessons during the fall season allows flexibility for lesson times, so use the link here to sign up for a lesson and learn more!

Are you ready for your next golf outing this fall? Book your tee time today!

Use the link here to be brought to our available times for your next tee time this Fall. We look forward to seeing you out on the golf course at River Oaks!