Learn how to golf in 2024 at River Oaks Golf Course

Are you looking to try something new in 2024?

Welcome to River Oaks Golf Course and Event Center, where exciting opportunities await in 2024 for those eager to learn golf! Start your incredible journey of learning the game with expert guidance by our resident golf pro, Barret Boe, PGA.

Learning to golf is a great way to branch out in the community, stay in shape, and get outdoors to support your mental health. If that’s something that you’re interested in, sign up for golf lessons at River Oaks for this upcoming golf season!

The importance of golf lessons:

Getting the basics right

Golf is a precise game where small things matter a lot. At River Oaks Golf Course, our lessons focus on the basics. From your grip to your stance, you’ll be able to learn all about the foundation for becoming a great golfer. Beginners learn not only the rules but also gain the confidence to enjoy the game!

By starting with the basics, your goals and the enormity of starting a new sport will seem a lot easier. Our golf pro will walk you through what you need to know at a pace that is right for you!

Building confidence for newbies

Starting something new, like golf, can be a mix of excitement and nervousness. The design of our lessons help you feel confident right from the beginning. With patient guidance, you’ll not only learn the technical parts of the game but also feel sure of yourself on the golf course.

Confidence is key as a beginner, generating a positive fuel that keeps you going and competing. Do you have big goals for golf or want to be able to enjoy an outing with your friends and family in a competitive way? Starting with confidence can go a long way.

Improving skills for better games

If you’ve played a bit but want to get better, River Oaks Golf Course has lessons for you too. Once you develop your game, lessons go beyond the basics, teaching advanced tricks and strategies.

The lessons at River Oaks put on by our resident golf pro are highly personalized. You will be given the tools you need to be successful in whatever manner you strive for.

Polishing Skills for Experts

Even if you’re already a pro, there’s always room to improve. Our advanced coaching fine-tunes your game. From perfecting putting to mastering tricky shots, our instructors help experienced golfers improve!

Our golf pro will work with you to make sure you get the most out of your golf game. If you’re looking to continue to develop your game or find yourself in a rut this year, you have options. Schedule a quick lesson to go over what small changes you can make that will make a big difference.

The River Oaks advantage:

Lessons with our golf pro

River Oaks Golf Course’s resident golf pro, Barrett Boe, is a trusted coach for many golfers whether being beginners or professionals. He has given over a thousand lessons and believes that the approach to the game is not one size fits all. Each lesson is coordinated to help promote your strengths and challenge your weaknesses, making you a better golfer.

To book a private lesson with Boe, click here to be taken to his lesson page!

Personal attention

River Oaks knows that everyone is different. Our instructors take the time to understand what you need. Each lesson is set up to allow you to have enough time with our instructors, making sure you get the most out of every session. You won’t feel lost in the crowd during these lessons, regardless if you choose to do a clinic or private lesson.

Are you interested in learning more about the lesson opportunities that River Oaks Golf Course has to offer? Click here to be taken to our lesson page and call us with any questions!

Be part of the golf family

River Oaks is not just a place; it’s a community. Joining our lessons and clinics means making friends who love golf just like you. Being part of this group makes learning and playing golf way more fun!

We look forward to seeing you at our lessons and clinics this golf season!

How to start your golfing journey:

Private lesson or clinic?

If you’re looking into learning how to golf this 2024 golf season, make sure to look into the difference between private lessons and golf clinics. River Oaks Golf Course offers both! Private lessons give you a one on one opportunity to work on your golf mechanics and skills regardless of your golf experience. Clinics are groups of people who are in the same stage as you all working on your skills!

For more information click here to see the different lessons that River Oaks has to offer! We look forward to working with you soon!

Book your lesson

Ready to learn golf at River Oaks? Booking a lesson is easy. Click here to be taken to our lesson page or call us to pick a time that works for you. We can work with you to discover what lesson will work best for you, whether you choose a private lesson or clinic session.

Get ready to learn!

Come to River Oaks Golf Course excited and ready to learn. Trust your instructors, enjoy the process, and see how awesome golf can be. We look forward to helping you learn how to golf in 2024!

Start your golf journey in 2024!

In 2024, make River Oaks Golf Course and Event Center your go-to place for golf. More than just beautiful greens and cool facilities, it’s the lessons that make us special. Whether you’re starting or want to get better, our golf pro and staff are here to guide you. Join us at River Oaks, where personalized lessons can turn you into the golfer you dream to be. Let’s make this year your best golf year yet!