Get your golf season pass for 2024 at River Oaks Golf Course

As winter turns to spring, golf lovers are getting ready for the 2024 golf season. If you want to elevate your golfing experience this golf season, consider becoming a member at River Oaks Golf Course! We are known for our beautiful views, great facilities, and commitment to making golf enjoyable for everyone. River Oaks is the perfect place for passionate golfers who want more than just a game.

If you love the game of golf, with a season pass, your membership will make golf more affordable for you. The more you golf at River Oaks, the more valuable a season pass is to you for this 2024 season!

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Why purchase a 2024 season golf pass at River Oaks Golf Course?

You will play on a fantastic course

With a 2024 season pass at River Oaks Golf Course, you can play on our amazing course when it works for you. Our course is like a hidden gem surrounded by nature, with diverse, challenging holes and stunning views of the Mississippi River Valley below. Our course is carefully maintained by experts to ensure you get the experience you want.

Whether you’re really good at golf or just starting, our course is designed for everyone to have a good time. With a pass you have additional time to book your desired tee times, making it easy to have spontaneous games or plan weekend rounds with your friends.

You will practice on state of the art facilities

Getting better at golf is all about practice, and River Oaks Golf Course has got you covered. With our practice range pass, you will be able to pay ahead at a discounted rate for the use of our state of the art TopTracer Driving Range! With TopTracer, you can watch your golf game improve with the use of the app downloaded onto your phone.

Whether you’re working on hitting long shots or improving your short game, we have everything you need. With a 2024 Season Pass, you’ll be able to fully take advantage of the tools we have to help you improve, as well as the assistance from our amazing staff on site!

If you want to see your golf game improve this 2024 golf season, it’s time to sign up to get your 2024 seasonal pass.

You will get special discounts and perks

With a 2024 season pass, you will have access to numerous perks! River Oaks Golf Course members get special discounts on golf shop merchandise and on your bill at the Eagles Bar & Grill, making having a membership all the more better! Members also have priority tee time booking, which means they have priority access to tee times 14 days before the general population.

After a fun round of golf (booked with their priority access) many of our members head to Eagles Bar & Grill for some of their delicious food and a few drinks to cool off. With our Season Pass membership, you’ll be able to get a discount on food and drinks after playing a round of golf– which is a great deal!

You can easily book tee times

No more worrying about getting the perfect tee time! Members at River Oaks get first dibs on booking tee times. In fact, Season Pass members have 14 days of priority booking over anyone else, which helps when you have a busy schedule!

Whether you like playing in the morning or prefer an afternoon game, being a member means you can choose the best times for you. This makes your golfing experience smooth and enjoyable, giving you more time to focus on having fun instead of worrying if you’ll have enough time to enjoy yourself.

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Sign up for your 2024 season golf pass with River Oaks Golf Course!

Make your 2024 golf season unforgettable by becoming a member at River Oaks Golf Course. From playing on a fantastic course to having premium access to tee times, using top-notch practice facilities, and enjoying special perks, your membership opens up a world of excitement!

Join us and make this season full of new friends, friendly competitions, and tons of amazing golf moments. Your pass is not just for playing golf; it’s your ticket to a community of golf lovers and a year of fantastic golf adventures.

For any questions about the 2024 season golf pass or what comes with each package, please contact us today!

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