Embrace the Winter Wonder at River Oaks Golf Course and Event Center

As the days grow shorter and a frosty embrace settles in the air, River Oaks Golf Course and Event Center transforms into a winter wonderland, inviting you to revel in the unique allure of the season.

While outdoor golfing may take a hiatus during the colder months, our event center stands as a beacon of warmth and hospitality, ready to host a variety of memorable events. From festive gatherings to corporate retreats, we invite you to explore the endless possibilities for indoor events that captivate the spirit of winter.

1. River Oaks holiday parties and celebrations

The holiday season is synonymous with joy, cheer, and celebration. At River Oaks, we can help you craft a spectacular holiday party that encapsulates the magic of this time of year. Picture twinkling lights, seasonal decorations, and an atmosphere that exudes festivity. Whether it’s a corporate gathering or a cherished family tradition, our event center offers a warm and inviting setting for your special event.

Our event staff loves working with you to make sure your holiday celebration goes smoothly and is one you’ll remember for years to come! We have openings this year for you to host an unforgettable holiday party, so contact us today to get your spot!

2. Winter weddings at River Oaks

For couples seeking a magical and ethereal backdrop for their nuptials, a winter wedding is a dream come true. Our event center provides an elegant canvas for you to design your winter wonderland. Cozy interiors, tasteful lighting, and customizable layouts await to bring your dream wedding to life, making it a day you’ll treasure forever.

At River Oaks, we believe in providing excellent customer service and our event staff is ready to help you make your dreams come true. Host your winter wedding with us and decorate our 4500 square foot event center to your preference! We have many decor options to choose from and can bring your ideas to life.

3. Charity fundraisers to bring our community together

Spread warmth and make a positive impact by organizing a charity fundraiser at our event center. Bring together your community and supporters for a night of giving and generosity. Our spacious facility can accommodate various fundraising activities, silent auctions, and entertainment to support your cause and create lasting memories.

With an event center that can fit up to 200 people comfortably, River Oaks Event Center is a perfect place to hold your charity event. Bring your community together this winter season and host your charity fundraiser at River Oaks! Contact us on our events page to get more information about how we can accommodate your event this winter!

4. Corporate retreats and team-building at River Oaks

Winter is an ideal time to encourage team bonding and growth through corporate retreats and team-building events. At River Oaks, our event center offers a large meeting space equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure a productive and engaging session. Combine business with pleasure as you enjoy the picturesque winter setting, fostering a stronger team spirit.

River Oaks is a perfect location for your corporate event, sitting in Cottage Grove, Minnesota in the East Metro. It’s an incredibly accessible location for your team to all come together, just 15 minutes outside of Saint Paul!

5. Host your educational seminars and workshops

Use the winter months to inspire and educate your community. Arrange educational seminars, workshops, or speaker sessions at our event center. Our venue can be customized to cater to various setups, providing an optimal environment for knowledge sharing and growth. At River Oaks we believe in supporting the community, and are happy to host your community educating event.

6. Winter themed gala dinners

Embrace the winter theme with a gala dinner at River Oaks Event Center. With many decor options to choose from, you can adorn the venue with icicle lights, snowflakes, and winter-themed centerpieces to get into the seasonal spirit!

Guests can revel in a delightful evening of fine dining, entertainment, and dancing, all while embracing the enchanting ambiance of the season. With a large event space, we can accommodate your guests comfortably. We have many catering options for you to choose from as well as optional use of audio equipment for your evening.

Are you interested in hosting your winter gala dinner at River Oaks? Contact us today on our event page to find out how we can help you host your event this winter season! With a large event space that can be adjusted to your needs, we are able to work with you to make sure your event goes off smoothly. The winter season is a time for everyone to come together, so host your educational seminar and workshop with us to bring your community even closer!

7. Indoor sports tournaments

Keep the competitive spirit alive during the winter months by organizing indoor sports tournaments at our event center. From bean bag tournaments, table tennis, and more- our flexible space allows for various setups, ensuring a day of athletic excitement and camaraderie.

Winter may bring a chill to the air, but it also brings warmth to the heart. River Oaks is eager to help you embrace the unique charm of the season. Let us assist you in creating lasting memories and making the most of this enchanting time. Contact us today to start planning your winter event and let the magic unfold!