The City of Cottage Grove is doing its part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and unfortunately, that means closing River Oaks until March 29th. It is such a shame that right when it seems that the Twin Cities is at the cusp of what seems like an early golf season we find our selves amid a national health emergency. Most public places are being avoided at all costs, events are being canceled, kids are out of school and people are working from home. It is a rather strange time . . . but what will all this mean for the golf season?

Well, the PGA has closed down in response to the coronavirus and some golf clubs around the nation are following suit. It is even questionable if there will be a Masters this year. 

Who knows what this national emergency will look like in two weeks? It could get better or worse, but either way, it doesn’t look like the virus is going away anytime soon. Even when we can all come out of quarantine (whenever that may be) we will still have to practice our social distancing. 

The truth is golf is a very low-risk scenario when it comes to spreading the virus, but that doesn’t mean that golf goes without any risk. When River Oaks does officially open up it’s the course for the season it will be good to implement these social distancing practices on the golf course.

Tips for golfing with the coronavirus:

  1. Golf can be a solitary sport, try golfing alone.
  2. If you are golfing with others, avoid the 18th green handshakes.
  3. Store a bottle of hand sanitizer in your golf bag.
  4. Wipe down your club handles and golf bag with alcohol wipes.
  5. Avoid picking up random golf balls you find on the course.
  6. Wipe down seat, steering wheels, handles, and cup holders if you take a cart or perhaps consider walking.
  7. Leave the cellphone in the car.
  8. Consider washing or sanitizing your golf glove before and after your round.

Following these simple tips will further help prevent the spread of COVID-19 once our golf season starts. The golf season will come. Everyone at River Oaks is anticipating and preparing for the day that we can finally open the course, but the health and safety of our customers mean a lot to us and we will work to continue to provide a safe environment and serve the needs of our customers as best as we can.

Getting Married - River Oaks Golf Course - Cottage Grove


December is the most popular time of the year for couples to get engaged! It is that exciting time of year full of love and magic that brings couples and families together. For all of those who got engaged this holiday season, it is time to start planning! Choosing a venue might be the biggest and most expensive decision you make during the planning process. It is important to know exactly what you are looking for and exactly what each venue offers. Here are some things to consider.


This is priority number one. Make sure to do a take tally of your guest list and see if the venue has the space to accommodate. You not only need the space to accommodate your guests, but you will have to fill the room with tables, chairs, space for the band or DJ, and room for your guests to dance and mingle. It is a good idea to ask the venue if they have visuals of what the room looks like fully set up for a wedding of your size. 


This isn’t always the most important aspect of a venue, but it is something to consider. Public places such as a park or beach are often fun, beautiful and inexpensive, but yield little privacy from strangers and patrons. Golf courses, hotels, and banquet halls can offer a little bit more seclusion, but can still be disrupted by other guests, patrons, employees, and customers. A private farm or estate would offer the most amount of privacy. 


Remember that the backdrop of the venue will influence the wedding and how your guests will remember it. What will be the first thing your guests see when they arrive? What will the room look like when they sit down for dinner? What impact will the decor, furniture, and architecture have on the memory of your wedding? These are all things to consider about how you want your wedding to look.


If you decide to hold your ceremony outside, look for venues that offer back up plan in case the weather isn’t ideal. Ask the wedding coordinator if there’s an indoor space you can use should the rain wash you out. If they don’t offer indoor space, check and see if there’s an option to set up an outdoor tent at the very least.


It is also important that the venue has a lot of open places to park! Whether it is a paved lot, driveway, open field or empty street make sure it is a legal and safe place to park. Safe is also a big factor for guests such as children, elderly, and handicapped that may be attending your wedding. 


Our venue can accommodate up to 225 guests in our event center with plenty of space for everything you will need. River Oaks offers to our brides & grooms so many amenities coupled with a beautiful, spacious, and elegant venue. Your guests can lounge in our private banquet rooms, grab a drink at the bar, bust a move on the dance floor or mingle outside on our patio while they take in the sweeping views of the golf course with the Mississippi River Valley in the background. These picturesque views are great for your cherished wedding photos as well. There is also plenty of parking for your guests in our wide-open parking lot for everyone to join!

If you have recently got engaged are looking for somewhere to hold your wedding, consider having it here at River Oaks! We would love to help you, and your significant other, start the rest of your lives together. Contact us at (651)438-2121 for questions about our venue.