Range Opens
Monday April 23rd at 12 pm

Golf Course Opens
Tuesday April 24th at 12 pm (Walking Only on Tuesday)

Wednesday April 25th at 9 am with Carts

Thursday April 26th - Sunday April 29th at 7:30 am with Carts





Thank you for considering River Oaks Golf Course and Event Center for your event.  It would be our privilege to assist you and we would welcome the opportunity to give you a personalized tour of River Oaks at a time convenient with you.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our event information.

Confirming Room Rental
A Room Rental Fee is required to hold a reservation for your event. 

Sunday through Thursday room rental:

  • $300 (half banquet room)
  • $500 (full banquet room)
  • Complimentary for all non profits- Must be able to show a non-profit certificate

Friday and Saturday room rental:

  • $1250 (full banquet room)

Non-profit Organizations, School Groups, Booster Clubs and Golf Tournaments held at River Oaks will not be charged a Room Rental Fee.

This non-refundable fee confirms the reservation and guarantees the booking.  A receipt will be issued once the room rental is received.  Verbal confirmations are not guaranteed.  Only full room rentals guarantee sole use of the entire banquet room (excluding The Eagles Bar and Grill).

Food and Beverage Minimums
All events are required to meet food and beverage minimums. 

Sunday through Thursday food and beverage minimum:

  • $750 (half banquet room)
  • $1500 (full banquet room)

Friday and Saturday food and beverage minimum:

  • $4000 (full banquet room)

A final guaranteed guest number is due seven days in advance.  Guaranteed numbers may not be reduced; increases may be accepted but cannot be guaranteed based on food ordering quantities.  Payment of guaranteed numbers on food and beverage charges are due seven days in advance of your event.  A 1.5% finance charge will be applied if payment is not received seven days in advance.

Any event cancelled within seven business days prior to the event will be responsible for 100% of the estimated bill.  Cancellations must be received in writing.  The renter may not sublet the facility or transfer or assign the agreement to any other end user without prior written consent by River Oaks staff.

Sole Renter
A single contact person should be designated to oversee all arrangements with River Oaks.  This person is responsible for making an on-site appointment with River Oaks staff to finalize arrangements a minimum of two weeks prior to the rental.  River Oaks is not responsible for any problems that occur with any event that have not had an on-site meeting with River Oaks staff.

Prices on the catering menus are subject to change based on wholesale food/beverage industry pricing.  Once the menu is selected, a price can be confirmed 45 days prior to your event.  Regardless, it is our goal to always work with the customer to assure we can accurately price each event and avoid unnecessary surprises. 

Sales Tax and Service Charges
All food and beverages are subject to an 18% service/gratuity charge and appropriate sales and liquor tax.  Room Rental charges and accessory rentals are also subject to sales tax.

Menu Selections
Our professional staff can assist you in your menu selection.  Your menu selection must be submitted no later than three weeks before your scheduled event.  We offer one tasting throughout the year.  Tasting is provided for two guests on a complimentary basis.  If others would like to join, there is a cost of $17.99 per person.   

Food and Beverage Policy
River Oaks reserves the right to cancel the lease agreement if circumstances prevent River Oaks from executing the agreement.  Possible reason for cancellation include, but are not limited to: a declared state of emergency, unsafe environmental or health conditions, utility services interrupt, labor strikes by River Oaks employees; labor strikes by non-employees that prevent delivery of needed supplies or equipment to the facility.  In such an event, the renter agrees that the City of Cottage Grove and River Oaks shall not be liable to the renter for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages, costs, or losses that the renter may suffer or incur as a result of any cancellation under this paragraph.  River Oaks will attempt to notify the renter as soon as possible if such cancellation occurs.  The liability of River Oaks and the City of Cottage Grove shall be limited to the return of all rental fees paid by the renter.\

Under no circumstances will the renter or anyone in their party be allowed to bring beverages, including liquor, beer, wine, or pop on to the River Oaks.
The only exception being commemorative cakes from a licensed baker in which River Oaks must cut and serve your cake at a cost of $75.  Due to Health Department regulations we prohibit the removal of beverages or extra food from the premises.

Alcohol Consumption
We request that you assist in requiring responsible behavior with regard to alcohol consumption.  We reserve the right to refuse service to any guest who appears to be intoxicated or provides alcohol to guests who are under the legal age.  This is in total compliance with local law enforcement, and also necessitated by our liability insurance. 

Final service of intoxicating beverages shall be thirty minutes before consumption must cease.  Consumption of intoxicating beverages must cease at the conclusion of the event or at midnight, which occurs first.

Security and Conduct
The renter is required to provide Police Security Service when alcohol is served during the rental.  River Oaks staff will arrange this service with the Cottage Grove Police Department.  The fee for the police officer will be a rate of $288, for four hours of service.  Each additional hour will be at a rate of $72 per hour. Payment is due seven days prior to rental (price subject to change).  Police security may be waived at manager’s discretion.

Persons attending events must confine themselves to the rooms and corridors assigned to their use.  Rental of one space does not assure closure of any or all other spaces within the facility.

Sound levels for bands and audio equipment are required to be controlled and maintained at a level set by building management. All music must cease by midnight to comply with scheduled closing times.

All individuals attending an event at River Oaks must vacate the building no later than 12:30 am.

All persons attending any activity on River Oaks property shall abide by the policies of the facility.  At their discretion, River Oaks staff or Cottage Grove police may: Order the immediate removal of any person violating facility policies; or order immediate removal from the premises of all alcoholic beverages brought onto the facility in violation of facility policies; order the termination of alcoholic beverage service by the River Oaks staff; or order the rental event to terminate immediately and order all persons from the premises.    

“This establishment prohibits the wearing of insignias of a criminal gang as defined per Minnesota statute 609.229.”  Definition.  As need in this section, “criminal gang” means any ongoing organization, association, or group of three or more persons, whether formal or informal, that: Has one of its primary activities, the commission of one or more of the offenses listed in section 609.11, subdivision 9; Has a common name or common identifying sign or symbol; and Includes members who individually or collectively engage in or have engaged in a pattern of criminal activity.
You are responsible for the setup, placement and take down of all center pieces not provided by River Oaks.  River Oaks does not permit the affixing of anything to the walls, floors, ceilings or outdoor poles with nails, staples, tape or other substance unless the management gives approval.  Confetti and glitter is not allowed.  For your convenience we offer rental votive candles and holders at a cost of $1 each and beveled mirror tiles at a cost of $1 each and white outdoor guest chairs for gazebo weddings at the cost of $2 each.

Setup and Entertainment
The renter will have access to the room two hours before the scheduled event time.  Except for wedding, which will have access to the room at 10am the day of the event.  Room Rental fees include the set-up of tables, chairs, linens, servers, and bartenders the day of the event.

No Smoking Policy
The entire Event Center is smoke free.  Your guests are permitted to smoke outside the entrance or on the patio.  Ashtray receptacles are provided for your guests to use.

Liability and Insurance
The renter assumes full responsibility for its group’s conduct and for any loss, breakage, or damage to the rooms, equipment or other River Oaks property.

River Oaks is not liable for any loss, damage, injury, or illness by the users of the facilities in River Oaks. The renter is responsible for the conduct of the renter’s guests while on the River Oaks property. Neither the City of Cottage Grove nor its employees can be held responsible for any items that are left at the facility by the renter or contracted service provider. The renter using River Oaks shall agree to compensate the City of Cottage Grove for any damages to facilities or equipment and further assumes all liability for any personal injuries, including death, caused by participants at the scheduled rental.

River Oaks will not assume any responsibility for damage or loss of any merchandise or articles left on the premises before, during or after your event.  All decorations and equipment provided by your party must be removed at the conclusion of your event.