Affordable Golf Course Near Me | Minneapolis - St. Paul Metro Area | River Oaks Golf Course & Event Center in Cottage Grove, MN


1) Pro Shop Discounts

Every fall, you can almost always expect to see golf courses hoping to rid themselves of all their old inventory before the snowfalls. Golf shops in the fall will be riddled with deals and bargains on everything from balls, gloves, clothes, accessories, and even equipment to make room for next season’s merchandise.

2) Weather

Golfing in the fall is always a nice change of pace and a nice break from those hot and humid summer days. Golfing in the fall is also a wonderful way to witness the trees changing their colors. Fall golf should be an iconic fall activity, such as going to the apple orchard or the pumpkin patch. Also, it’s an excuse to get out your fancy golf pants and make you feel a little bit more like a pro.

3) Slower Greens

Just as the leaves start to change, so does the grass. As the weather gets colder and the humidity goes down, the grass growth slows down, and greens don’t get mowed as often. The longer grass makes greens slower and much easier to navigate.

4) Fall Rates

Business indeed slows down in the fall thanks to students going back to school and fall sports starting on TV. Most golf courses often lower their green fee rates to drum up more business. It is just another perk to golfing in the fall.